Crisis Prevention and Readiness: Lessons from Board Leaders

Event Details

October 17, 2019

2-3 p.m. (EST)

Most organizations will face a crisis at some point—from product safety failure, natural disaster, or ethical lapse, to the sudden loss of a CEO or a major cyber security breach. As boards assess and monitor the effectiveness of management’s crisis readiness and response plans, board leaders play an important role in helping to ensure transparency and accountability, keeping the board informed, and maintaining the board’s independence.

This session will explore key questions for board leaders:
  • How prepared is the company to respond quickly and appropriately?
  • Are crisis scenarios played out in tabletop exercises?
  • Is the company’s culture built to minimize the chance of crises occurring?
  • Does management have the resources, skills, and plan to handle a major crisis?
  • What is our plan if the CEO is unavailable or otherwise disqualified?

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