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Don’t Be Distracted by the Upcoming Battle Over the SEC’s Climate-Related Disclosure Rules

By Anthony O'Reilly


Directorship Magazine

There is a heated debate brewing behind the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) proposal on climate-related risks. One side is clamoring for order, consistency, and substance on environmental disclosures so that investors can truly distinguish between the green and the greenwashed when making their investment choices. Meanwhile, the other side strenuously disagrees with the excessive cost, regulatory overreach, and ultimately the financial sense of the SEC’s proposed rule...

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Anthony O’Reilly
Anthony O’Reilly is a founder of O’Reilly Advisors, which helps organizations accelerate transformation change initiatives through controls disciplines. He was the first chief ethics officer at State Street Corp. Previously, he served as head of professional practices at Siemens and was a partner at PwC.


This article is from the Summer 2022 issue of Directorship.