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Unbiased Stakeholder Intelligence Improves Reputation Risk Management and Governance

By Kathleen A. Graham, Nir Kossovsky, and Denise Williamee


Directorship Magazine

In the past six months, more than $130 billion in shareholder value was lost by 39 banks due to reputational risk—the risk of unmet stakeholder expectations resulting in incinerated business value. Why? Because they were collectively punished when at least a few proved to lack effective processes..

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Kathleen A. Graham
Kathleen A. Graham is the CEO of The HQ Companies, helping boards and companies with their human capital operational and financial strategies; a director at the Chicago Finance Exchange; and a corporate member of the Thirty Percent Coalition.

Nir Kossovsky
Nir Kossovsky is CEO of Steel City Re, helping boards, through reputation risk strategies and insurance, provide effective oversight and meet the value protection and compliance expectations of their shareholders.

Denise Williamee
Denise Williamee is an executive member of the board of Steel City Re and vice president of corporate services and helps risk-focused directors and managers add value across boardrooms, C-suites, and operational silos through reputation resilience.


This article is from the Fall 2023 issue of Directorship.