Future-Focused Governance: The Acceleration of Science, Technology, and Innovation Committees

By Ryan McManus


Directorship Magazine

The boards of leading global companies grasp the strategic urgency of science, technology, and innovation to their organizations. More and more, organizations have created explicit governance structures not only to oversee operational programs, investments, and risks, but also to monitor the developments, trends, and emerging capabilities that will determine the next generation’s winners, thereby ensuring that these companies build toward a sustainable future...

Photo credit: stock.adobe.com/Sergey Nivens


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Ryan McManusRyan McManus is the founder of techtonic.io, member of the board of directors and founding chair of the science and technology committee of Nortech Systems, president of the NACD New York Chapter board of directors, chair of the board of advisors of the Columbia University Business School Think Bigger Technology & Innovation Hub, and chair of the board of directors of empowerHER.


This article is from the Fall 2023 issue of Directorship.