Partner Research Report

The Implications of Climate Change for Boards

By NACD Staff


Climate Risk Director Liability Governance Challenges

In brief: Today’s boards confront a more complex and rapidly evolving risk landscape than they ever have before. At the start of 2020, disruptive technologies, cybersecurity, geopolitical volatility, and societal dynamics were just a few of the risks vying for directors’ attention. Shortly after, a global pandemic triggered simultaneous public-health and economic crises. Faced with such urgent threats, it is easy for directors to view climate change as something for the longer term—as something that can be dealt with once more immediate risks have been addressed. 

 To help directors understand the material effect on enterprise risks and opportunities of climate change, NACD, in partnership with Marsh & McLennan, created this compendium that focuses on implications for the role of the board, the personal liability of directors, and the skills and competencies that boards need to develop.


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