Board’s Guide to Trust: Culture Transformation

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In brief: Boards play a critical role in guiding transformation – providing clarity and direction around how an organization must grow and evolve. In recent years, the impetus for most transformation has come from forces in the external environment: fast-changing consumer preferences and behaviors, the need to compete against new business models, new technologies that redefine the competitive landscape. Now, boards must inspire a new kind of transformation to help their organizations remain relevant – one that starts from inside: cultural transformation. 

For many organizations the degree of change required to create and deliver a compelling value proposition and cultivate an inspiring employee-centric culture that meets the needs of today’s employee rises to the level of organizational transformation and should be treated as such.

This resource can provide your board with valuable insights:

  • To see culture and employee engagement as part of their remit.
  • To provide guidance to help their management teams approach cultural transformation with the same seriousness and rigor as they would any other type of transformation.  
  • To educate themselves on best practices to provide effective inspiration and guidance for cultural transformation.

Most Relevant Audiences: full board, committee chairs, lead independent directors, CEOs.