2016-2017 NACD Public Company Governance Survey: Aggregate Survey Results

Newer public company survey data are available at nacdonline.org/survey

In Brief: This supplementary report to the 2016–2017 NACD Public Company Governance Survey details the complete set of responses for all survey questions in tabular format. To assist in the interpretation of the data, we have used color gradients to highlight frequently selected responses.

How Boards Can Use this Resource:

  • Identify areas for improvement in current governance practices, including board composition, structure, succession planning and risk oversight;
  • Learn about key issues boards discuss with institutional investors
  • Inform your board’s philosophy for designing executive compensation plans;
  • Benchmark your board’s strategic priorities; and
  • Compare  relative time allocation to fulfilling key board activities

Relevant Audiences: Board members and corporate secretaries of public companies, especially board chairs, lead directors and committee chairs.