New Supply Chain Risks Require Board Oversight

By Jake Olcott


Directorship Magazine Article

The COVID-19 pandemic heightened supply chain challenges caused by changes in demand, labor shortages, and geopolitical factors. But recent events suggest supply chain risk may be getting even more complicated. In July, security researchers at BitSight revealed that they had discovered critical vulnerabilities in a popular vehicle GPS tracker used globally by large enterprises, law enforcement agencies, and militaries. The vulnerabilities potentially allow hackers to remotely disable entire fleets of vehicles instantaneously. Organizations using this device—or relying on a third-party supplier that uses the device—could see deliveries abruptly come to a halt, presenting threats of financial loss, reputational damage, and, of course, supply chain disruption …

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Jake Olcott
Jake Olcott is vice president of communications and government affairs at BitSight. Jake has held a number of leadership roles at BitSight since joining the company in 2015. Prior to BitSight, Jake served as cybersecurity attorney to the Senate Commerce Committee and House Homeland Security Committee. He previously consulted with Fortune 1000 executives on cyber risk management and served as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University.


This article is from the Fall 2022 issue of Directorship.