It’s Not All About the Numbers: The Board’s Role in Building a Commitment to Company Culture

By G. Bradford Bulkley and Howard Wright


Directorship Magazine Article

Can culture beat strategy? Yes—but it doesn’t just happen. The board’s role in evaluating and sustaining corporate culture is becoming more important than ever. Here’s how boards can encourage a positive corporate culture and reap the benefits. 

Our headline likely reads as heresy to many company leaders and board members, especially the dwindling number of Jack Welch-General Electric-era folks for whom “20-20-20!”—meaning continuous quarterly and annual increases of 20 percent in revenue, net income, and earnings per share—was a rousing battle cry …

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Bradford Bulkley is founder and CEO of Bulkley Capital, which assists middle-market and privately held companies in executing mergers and acquisitions and financial and strategic decision-making. He is currently lead director for Denihan Hospitality Group. He also serves as an advisory board member for MJM Yachts and is a director of Meriton.

Howard Wright is founder and chair of Seattle Hospitality Group, a holding company with strategic investments in leading hospitality, restaurant, tourism, and transportation companies in Washington, Oregon, and California.


This article is from the Fall 2022 issue of Directorship.