Change Brings Opportunity in the IPO Market

By Mandy Wright


Directorship Magazine

The IPO market has seen a steady and severe decline from last year’s incredible highs. While the reasons are numerous, pre-IPO and newly public companies and their boards are handling market turmoil in diverse ways.

Then and now. It's a tale of two markets, and, some might say, of two worlds. In 2021, the world experienced outsized excitement and optimism, propelled by the hope of a dwindling pandemic and a return to life outside of our homes. In 2022, however, the world witnessed geopolitical instability, flamed by the invasion of Ukraine and escalating tensions between China and Taiwan, in addition to continued supply chain troubles, trade sanctions, inflation, and rising interest rates …

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Mandy Wright
Mandy Wright
is senior editor of Directorship magazine.


This article is from the Fall 2022 issue of Directorship.