Board Services

Board Services

NACD Board Services Empower Directors to Elevate Board Performance

NACD Board Services help directors strengthen investor trust and stakeholder confidence by ensuring that today’s board leaders are well prepared for tomorrow’s challenges.

Our methods are based on more than 40 years of NACD research and the experience we’ve gained over years of public, private, and nonprofit board engagements. We serve as independent and objective advisors. Our only agenda is helping boards to serve as strategic assets.

Our faculty consists of both subject-matter experts and sitting directors. Our director faculty members have experience in a comprehensive range of industries and serve in boardrooms spanning those of start-ups to those of the Fortune 500.

In-Boardroom Education

NACD provides confidential, tailored education programs and advisory briefings for directors and C-suite executives—right in your boardroom.

Evaluation Services

Our team of sitting directors partners with you to identify strengths, uncover risks, and discover opportunities through customized evaluations based on your organization’s circumstances.

Cyber Risk-Reporting

The X-Analytics Cyber Risk-Reporting Service brought to you by NACD is an annual subscription that provides quarterly Board reports highlighting the financial exposure attributed to an organization’s cyber risk.

Governance Reviews

NACD helps you assess your governance structures and processes, then benchmarks your practices against comparable organizations.

Board Composition and Succession Planning

Our faculty collaborates with you to identify the skills you need on your board to drive short-term performance and long-term value.

Board Search

Our board recruitment services enable you to find the most qualified candidates with the skills you need to help guide your long-term strategy.

Ongoing Advisory Services

Our faculty works with clients on an extended basis to provide coaching and guidance from a sitting director and governance expert.

NACD & Diligent’s Nom Gov Application

Integrated directly into Diligent Boards, NACD & Diligent's Nom Gov application supports your nominating and governance committee with real-time information. To learn more, contact your board advisor.