Audit Committee

Audit Committee

Since the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in 2002, audit committees have faced increased regulation. This resource center contains the guidance necessary to adhere to these regulations and promote effective audit committee practices.

Thought Leadership & Research

Delivering compliance and ethics oversight Linking nonfinancial metrics to strategy and culture The board and audit committee roles in compliance oversight Providing oversight for non-GAAP financial measures Next-generation financial disclosures Enhancing the audit committee report Financial reporting: getting behind the numbers Key committee succession planning KPMG’s 2017 Global Audit Committee Survey Providing oversight of the independent auditor The Auditor Report: Considerations for audit committees Big data and the audit committee The role of the SEC Addressing the challenges of expanding board and committee agendas

Expert Commentary

Blockchain in the boardroom Tips for better management presentation to the audit committee Understanding the impact of deregulation Updating the Auditor’s Report: opportunities and challenges Implications of the new revenue recognition standard Audit committee onboarding The role of the audit committee chair Considering the audit committee’s disclosures Transparency and management’s disclosure committee Directors Quarterly, October 2018 Board’s-eye view of data and analytics On the 2019 audit committee agenda Determining whether to create a separate risk committee What to look for in an audit committee chair The effective use of non-GAAP metrics Addressing challenges for highly subjective and complex accounting areas Guidance on the new SEC rule regarding the auditor’s report Critical audit matters: lessons learned, questions to consider, and an illustrative example

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NACD's in-boardroom education programs help boards deliver value and expand their education NACD's Evaluation Services enable boards to assess their strengths and opportunities for development

Boardroom Tools & Templates

Model audit committee charter Sample audit committee self-assessment questionnaire Sample audit committee agenda Sample audit committee whistleblower policy Sample questions for audit committee members to ask External auditor assessment tool Case studies of hypothetical financial reporting fraud scenarios Sarbanes-Oxley Act: SEC standards relating to listed company audit committees NYSE requirements for audit committees: Sections 303A.06 and 303A.07 Nasdaq requirements for audit committees: IM-5605-3–IM-5606-5 Emerging technologies: an oversight tool for audit committees

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How clear audit committee disclosures benefit shareholders The global company audit committee

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Emerging Audit Issues

Four key challenges for global audit committees Cybersecurity through the board lens