Board Diversity

Board Diversity

NACD has long been championing diversity in the boardroom, from the position that directors should bring varied experiences that align with the company's strategic goals. This Resource Center provides practical guidance and tools specifically designed to increase diversity in the boardroom.

Stakeholder Discussions on Diversity

Investor Perspectives on Board Diversity Director Tip Sheet: Discussing Boardroom Diversity with Major Shareholders Initiative to Bring Diversity to Board and CEO Recruitment (NYC Comptroller’s Office)

Building an Inclusive Culture

The Power of Difference: Building a Culture of Inclusion The Inclusion Imperative for Boards (Deloitte) How Boards Can Avoid Important D&I Pitfalls Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Boardroom Culture

Diversity Case Studies

Foot Locker Champions Diversity and Inclusion Newmont Mining’s Journey to Diversifying its Board

Creating Diverse Board Composition

Looking Beyond the Matrix for Your Next Director 2020 Governance Outlook: Projections on Emerging Board Matters Why the Military Community Belongs in Your Boardroom Creating an Agile Board for the 21st Century Understanding Disability Inclusion Metrics to Monitor for Evaluating Gender Progress Survive Proxy Season by Prioritizing Board Composition How a Company Incorporated LGBTQ Diversity into its Proxy

Succession Planning

Overcoming Bias in Board Recruitment Gauging the Resistance to Greater Board Diversity Multiyear Board Succession Planning Matrix Leading Practices of Diverse Candidate Search Policies (UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust) Building a Strategic-Asset Board

Diversity and Management

Johnson & Johnson Diversity and Inclusion Policy AIG Diversity & Inclusion Policy Purdue Federal Credit Union Diversity and Inclusion Policy AB InBev Diversity & Inclusion Policy agl Diversity and Inclusion Policy Diversity Demands Trickle Down from Boardroom to Workforce Change Management—Integrating Diverse Points of View Embracing the “Power of Difference” at All Levels of the Company

Videos and Webinars

Making an Impact on Board Diversity and Inclusion Boardroom of the Future


Director Professionalism® Fit for the Future Global Board Leaders’ Summit Master Class