Navigating the First Year: An Onboarding Guide for New Directors

In Brief: This new installment of the NACD Director’s Handbook Series serves as a learning framework appropriate for new directors leading up to—and during—their first year on a board. New directors can accelerate their onboarding by focusing their learning on four core areas: understanding the environment in which the organization operates, learning about the organization itself, becoming familiar with boardroom practices and dynamics, and clarifying individual roles and responsibilities. 

How boards can use this resource:

  • Frame their director onboarding program on the four critical learning areas listed in this handbook.
  • Provide new directors with the handbook as a tool to help them understand the questions that—when answered, will guide their first year of board service. 

Most relevant audiences: New directors of all company types, nominating and governance committee chairs, board leaders, corporate secretaries, and general counsel