NACD Washington Review, Q4 2019

In brief: In the final quarter of 2019, Congress was active in proposing governance-related legislation on many fronts, from auditor independence to small business, but no final laws were passed in any general business area. At the same time, the White House and federal agencies have delivered some decisive developments, particularly in trade and taxes. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear some landmark decisions in human rights in the workplace.

NACD’s quarterly Washington Review looks back on the quarter, offering once again a board-centric synopsis of these shifting political realities and their effect on board governance and company strategy.

How boards can use this resource

  • Understand major political changes that may require changes to the board’s oversight of company strategy and/or risk management.
  • Understand how shifting legislative, regulatory, and judicial standards will affect board governance.
  • Anticipate areas of growing legislative focus and regulatory scrutiny.

Most relevant audiences: chairs and members of board committees tasked with oversight of risk and/or compliance, especially audit and risk committees; CEOs; and general counsel