NACD Washington Review, Q3 2019

In brief: Lawmakers and others in the nation’s capital worked through record-breaking heat in July and August to prepare for an active September. In the House, there is new Congressional scrutiny of media giants, support for a raise in the federal minimum wage, and more bills pertaining to board and executive diversity. Meanwhile, the US Securities and Exchange Commission issued a new warning to proxy voting advisors, and the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board issued new guidance on critical audit matters. NACD’s quarterly Washington Review once again offers a board-centric summary of these developments and their possible effect on board governance and company strategy.

How boards can use this resource:

  • Get a summary of new and continuing legislative, regulatory, and judicial developments relevant to boards and companies.
  • See emerging US government initiatives “at a glance” together, rather than as a series of headlines over time.
  • Understand how Washington’s actions might affect board governance.

Most relevant audiences: chairs and members of board committees tasked with oversight of risk and/or compliance, especially audit and risk committees; CEOs; general counsel