2016-2017 Private Company Director Compensation Snapshot

In brief: The 2016–2017 Private Company Director Compensation Snapshot presents findings from NACD’s annual governance survey that was in the field from May through August of 2016. This report analyzes responses from directors of privately held companies about their compensa­tion, including responses from directors of family owned companies, investor-backed businesses, and employee-owned companies. The snapshot offers a glimpse into director pay practices across a variety of private company sizes catego­rized by revenue.  It also is designed in a new stand-alone document, a change from prior years to enable easier accessibility and benchmarking.

Reports containing data for public company director compensation are published separately in the 2015-2016 Director Compensation Report and the related 2015-2016 Director Compensation Report Appendices.

This resource can help your board:

  • Benchmark against director compensation at other private companies
  • Consider appropriate pay mechanisms

Most relevant audiences: Directors from family owned companies, investor-backed businesses, and employee-owned companies, as well as nominating and governance committee chairs and members.