NACD Directorship 2020: Environmental and Competitive Trends

Competitive disruptors are challenging marketplace norms, requiring companies to be innovative in how they anticipate and respond to industry change. Meanwhile, an increased push—by companies and consumers—toward environmentalism and sustainability brings its own unique challenges, including additional ecological impact reporting, green product development, and, in some cases, rebranding.

More than 100 directors gathered at the Ritz-Carlton, Denver on July 15 to hear expert speakers put a boardroom lens on the competitive and environmental forces that are having a far-reaching impact on companies in all industries. The half-day symposium was the second of three NACD Directorship 2020® events this year. Each forum focuses on one or more of the seven disruptive forces: competition, demographics, economics, environment, geopolitics, innovation, and technology. These are the major trends expected to drive significant change for companies and industries in the near future—and their implications for directors.