A Letter from our CEO

A Letter from our CEO

A Letter from our CEO

March 13, 2020


To Our Valued Members,

NACD is actively engaged in efforts to prepare for and mitigate the impacts from COVID-19 and there is no higher priority for our entire NACD family. The health and safety of our employees, members and the companies you represent is of the utmost importance to us—and to our economy.

We are committed to informing you about the virus’s impacts on business and to providing key resources that can help you as directors to protect your own companies. We will continue to update our members as developments warrant.

The below precautionary and response measures are helping us continue to provide a safe, healthy, and informed environment: 

Member Resources

National Events

Local Events 

NACD Employees 

Your leadership is imperative, and there is no greater time for strong governance than in a time of crisis. We thank you for your commitment and your continued trust in NACD.


Peter Gleason