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  • Director FAQ: The Role of Proxy Advisory Firms

    This Director FAQ explains the growth of the proxy advisory firm industry, the main players in the market, their voting policies, and how issuers can engage proxy advisors regarding their voting recommendations.

  • Director FAQ: Personal Email vs. Board Portals for Board Communications

    This Director FAQ discusses the risks of sending board communications through personal e-mail accounts, the benefits of board portals, and the risks considerations for boards to consider when choosing whether or not to adopt board portals.

  • Dynamic Governance: Rethinking the Purpose of the Corporation

    "Governance is messy because that is life." Edward Waitzer dives into the philosophy of corporations and systems theory to get at the purpose behind governance today.

  • F500 Directors’ Advice on CEO Succession Planning

    It is essential that directors adequately plan for CEO succession and that they choose a successor who can carry out the company’s future strategy. In a meeting convened by NACD last fall, Fortune 500 board committee chairs discussed three insights related to succession planning.

  • Ask Your Security Team These Questions in 2018

    As a society, we must address cyber-risks from every angle: every technology or Internet user must be educated so they can better secure themselves. As a board member with oversight responsibilities, these are questions I recommend you ask your head of security.

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