Future of the American Board Resource Center

Future of the American Board Resource Center

NACD’s Future of the American Board Initiative was created to reassess and, where needed, redefine the effectiveness of the board in response to the seismic societal, economic, technology and climate changes affecting business. We have established a diverse, influential group of directors and notable governance practitioners drawn from the investor, regulatory and academic communities to issue guiding principles that will help boards achieve high performance in a much more turbulent future.

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Read the full release: NACD Launches The Future of the American Board Report: A Framework for Governing into the Future.

The NACD Future of the American Board initiative was highlighted in Fortune.

Commission co-chair Bill McNabb and Friso van der Oord, NACD senior vice president content, were interviewed and shared their thoughts on the changing role of board leadership and why the initiative was formed.

This resource center is a collection of the most relevant and timely materials from NACD and its strategic content partners that will support this initiative and help ignite broader debate in the future of board governance. We have included relevant articles, guidance, and tools to help boards engage in meaningful conversation and, where needed, take action to prepare themselves for a more demanding future. Throughout this initiative, we will update these resources and report on the progress of our work.

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NACD Classics on Board Performance

Report of the NACD Blue Ribbon Commission on Director Professionalism (Publication) NACD Key Agreed Principles 2016 BRC: Building the Strategic Asset Board (Publication) 2019 BRC: Fit for the Future (Publication)

Nominating & Governance Committee

What Makes a Good Board Director from the CEO Perspective (Article) Corporate Governance Guidelines Tool (Toolkit) Changing Committee Structures In Response to Evolving Board Needs (Briefing) Unlocking the Benefits of a Diverse Board of Directors (Pearl Meyer) Promoting Cultural Health in a Post-COVID World (Pearl Meyer)

Audit Committee

Audit Committee Charter Tool (Toolkit) Addressing Challenges of Expanding Board and Committee Agendas (Briefing)

Compensation Committee

The Expanding Role of ESG in Executive Pay (Article) The Compensation Committees Evolving Agenda (Article) Balancing Incentives and Risk Taking (Briefing) In the Headlong Rush to Put ESG Metrics into Incentive Plans, We May Need a Speed Bump (Pearl Meyer) Revisiting Business Strategy and Compensation Alignment in Light of COVID-19 (Pearl Meyer)

Special Committees

Director FAQ: Special Committees (Publication) A Special Board Committee Can Help Drive Corporate and Transformational Success (Blog) Should Highly Regulated Public Companies Have Board-Level Compliance Committees? (Sidley)

Board Performance & Evaluations

Considerations for Enhancing the Board Evaluation Process FAQ (Publication) Four Pillars of Board Effectiveness (Article) The Evolving State of Board Assessments (Pearl Meyer)

Creation of Long-Term Value

Report of the NACD Blue Ribbon Commission on Board and Long-Term Value Creation (Publication) Resilience: Leading for the Long Term (KPMG) The Corporate Purpose Debate: Shareholder Value and Corporate Responsibility in an Era of COVID-19 and Social Unrest (Sidley) Is the Board Helping Business Keep Pace? (KPMG) Actions Boards Can Take to Help CEOs Address Today’s Pressure Points (Article) Indicators of Misalignment Between Long-Term & Short-Term Strategy (Toolkit)

Board Resilience & Adaptability

Respond, Recover, and Thrive Beyond COVID-19 (Article) Adaptive Governance: Board Oversight of Disruptive Risk (Publication) Board Considerations for an Uncertain 2021 (Sidley) Evolutions in Risk Oversight: Lessons Learned for the Decade Ahead (Marsh McLennan) Governing Artificial Intelligence: Managing Business Risks in a Digital World (Marsh McLennan) Resetting the Future of Work Agenda: Disruption and Renewal in a Post-COVID World (Marsh McLennan) Political Risk Map 2021: Mid-Year Update (Marsh McLennan) De-Risking the Transition (Marsh McLennan) Assessing Management’s Effectiveness in Responding to Crisis (Checklist)

Board Operations

Preparing the Future American Board A Voice of Reason: BlackRock’s Newest Letter Can Help Boards Navigate Difficult Shoals in 2022 Leveraging Digital Capabilities to Transform Your Board (Article) Disrupt How the Board Functions to Avoid Being Disrupted (Article) Blowing Up Best Practices (Article) Board Oversight: Key Focus Areas for 2022 (Sidley) Heavier Committee Work Calls for Coordination, Communication (KPMG) Adaptive Governance: Board Oversight of Disruptive Risk (Publication & Toolkit) Addressing Social Justice Issues: Implications for the Board (Sidley) Oversight of EESG Disclosure (Sidley)

The Future of the American Board

CEO Activism: What's the Board's Role? (Publication) The Future of the American Board Report: A Framework for Governing into the Future (Publication)