Director Candidacy

Director Candidacy

Finding your next board seat—and ensuring it's the right move—presents a different kind of challenge each time. This resource center equips new and seasoned directors with recommendations, tools, and guides to help strengthen their director profiles and ultimately, advance their careers.

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Blue Ribbon Commission Report on Director Professionalism Navigating the First Year: An Onboarding Guide for New Directors A Practical Guide: Fundamentals for Corporate Directors Evolving Directors & Officers Liability Environment

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The Questions I Now Think to Ask Before Joining a Board Why GCs Make Excellent Candidates for Board Service The Subtle Art of Blending In How to Position Yourself as a Diverse Candidate 3 Tips for Finding Your Next Board Seat Three Reasons Most Candidates Don’t Find Board Seats Mapping Your Professional DNA Alternate Paths for Aspiring Directors Create Your Own Serendipity When Networking Bare Essentials for Your Board Interview Becoming a Global Director The Power of a Personal Brand So You Want to Be a Corporate Director... (Deloitte) So You’re Thinking of Joining a Public Company Board (Harvard Law School)

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Board Résumé Writing Tips Résumé Sample 1 Résumé Sample 2 New Director Press Release Template New Director Sample Proxy Language

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