NACD Board Search

NACD Board Search

NACD Board Search

Find the right candidate for your next board seat with NACD Board Search.

The field of suitable directors is vast, and it is important to find the right director for your board. NACD Board Search is uniquely positioned to conduct your director search. Using our proprietary network of more than 23,000 board-ready members coupled with our affinity alliances with prominent board-diversity organizations and industry groups, we can identify top talent not otherwise available. It's crucial to find a candidate with the precise skill set and experience needed to effectively maneuver through the challenges facing today's boards. Whether you require support in your search efforts, help in identifying and reaching out to diverse candidates, or more extensive needs in creating an effective boardroom, NACD has the capabilities to provide customized offerings.

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Develop a Skill-Set Matrix

NACD will help you identify and select candidates with the right skills, experience, and diversity to support the board's strategic goals. Our faculty collaborates with boards to identify the skills they need in their boardroom to drive short-term performance and long-term value.

Leverage NACD's Network

Attract a diverse candidate pool by promoting your available board position through NACD channels, reaching an extensive network of directors and executives.

Create a Candidate Slate

We'll develop a candidate slate of potential board members based on your requirements. This slate is used to evaluate and compare candidates during the selection process.

Utilize NACD Trusted Partners

Our network of recruiters, industry groups, executives, and directors deeply understand the requirements for board positions and can help ensure that the candidates presented to you meet your needs.

Once you've selected the right candidate, NACD Board Search can assist your organization through onboarding to ensure a smooth transition.

NACD Board Advisory Services® can also be provided to help board members stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices, including Evaluation Services and Governance Reviews.