Private Company Governance Resource Center

Private Company Governance Resource Center

With content contributions from Grant Thornton

While most NACD material applies to public and private companies alike, this Resource Center contains guidance, information, and tools specifically for private companies. The following resources include materials for service on private company boards in general, as well as family-owned, IPO, pre-IPO, private-equity owned, and employee-owned company boards. To access specific committee resources, please view NACD’s AuditCompensation, and Nominating and Governance Committee Resource Centers. All material is from NACD unless otherwise noted. Special thanks to Grant Thornton for assembling many of these materials.


Director Professionalism® NACD Summit Private Company Governance Learning Series

General Private Company Governance

2019-2020 Private Company Governance Survey The Board’s Role in Assessing Vendor Risk for Private Companies (Grant Thornton) On the 2021 Private Company Board Agenda (KPMG) Should You Take That Board Seat? (Private Company Director) Board Pay—Not Just a Public Company Concern (Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance) A Guide for Directors of Privately Held Companies

Family Business Governance

Corporate Governance Progression Matrix for Family or Founder-Owned Unlisted Companies (International Finance Corporation) Innovation, Purpose, and Governance at Molson Coors, a Family-Founded Public Co. Sample Interview Questions Annual Letter From the Board to Family Council The Family Business Board Role in Executive Compensation Planning: An Illustrative Case Director FAQ: Director Independence on Family Business Boards The Family Business Board, Volume 1 The Family Business Board, Volume 2

IPO Company Governance

Why Governance Matters for Your Startup (Stanford Law School) Getting a Start-Up CFO Up to Speed SEC Compliance Guide for Regulation Crowdfunding

Pre-IPO Stage Company Governance

IPO and Public Company Readiness: Focus on Executive Compensation (Gibson Dunn Webcast) Private-Company Exchanges and Employee Stock Sales Prior to IPO (Stanford Graduate School of Business) The Evolution of Corporate Governance: 2018 Study of Inception to IPO (Stanford Graduate School of Business) Governance Trends in Sponsor-Backed IPO Companies (Weil)

Private Equity Owned Company Governance

PE Firms Turn to Outside Recruiting Private Equity Global Divestment Study 2019 (EY) Private Equity-backed Company Boards Need Independent Directors (Private Company Director) The PE-Backed Portfolio Company Board (Spencer Stuart) Building a Foundation for Growth: Governance in Investor-Owned Private Companies

Employee-Owned Company Governance

ESOP Fiduciary Rules (Employee Ownership Foundation) Corporate Governance for Private ESOP Companies (Employee Benefits Law Group)

Private Company Governance Contributed Content

Real Consequences: Targeted Cyber Attacks Born of Crisis, Some Changes to Become Permanent Good Governance in Private Corporate Ownership A First-Hand View: How to Return to Work Record-Breaking SPAC IPOs How to Become a Welcomed Director: The First Three Months Succession Planning Presents Different Challenges for Private vs. Public Company Directors The Play That Changes the Game’s Momentum Pivotal Moments for Family Business Boards: Getting Beyond the Cost of Harmony What Private-Company Boards Need More Than Public-Company Boards A New Corporate Responsibility: Shaping Attitudes Toward Work Tools to Adapt to a Profoundly Fast-Changing World