Private Company Governance Resource Center

Private Company Governance Resource Center

The disruptions and challenges facing private companies today vary widely, from cybersecurity threats to increased competition for talent to a hot IPO market. NACD is a guiding partner to help your board adapt to the rapid pace of change and growing complexity in the operating environment. Our Private Company Directorship Newsletter, events, research, and credentialing prepare directors like you to lead with confidence in the boardroom. Special thanks go to Grant Thornton for assembling many of the below materials.


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General Private Company Governance

Best Practices in Private Company Director Compensation Programs [article] 2020 Inside the Private Company Boardroom [publication] On the 2021 Private Company Board Agenda (KPMG) [article] Four Tools to Be an Effective Board Member [article] Start Where You Are to Succeed in a World of Remote Everything [article] Practical Integration of ESG in Private Companies [article] Good Governance in Private Corporate Ownership [article] Real Consequences: Targeted Cyber Attacks [article] How to Become a Welcomed Director: The First Three Months [article] A First-Hand View: How to Return to Work [article] Succession Planning Presents Different Challenges For Private vs. Public Company Directors [article] The Play That Changes the Game’s Momentum: ESG [article] What Private-Company Boards Need More Than Public-Company Boards [article] A New Corporate Responsibility: Shaping Attitudes Toward Work [article] Tools to Adapt to a Profoundly Fast-Changing World [article] The Board’s Role in Assessing Vendor Risk for Private Companies (Grant Thornton) [article] 2019-2020 Private Company Governance Survey [publication] A Guide for Directors of Privately Held Companies [publication]

Family Business Governance

Moving from the Kitchen Cabinet to a Fiduciary Board [article] Emergency Succession Planning in the Time of COVID [article] Born of Crisis, Some Changes to Become Permanent [article] Pivotal Moments for Family Business Boards: Getting Beyond the Cost of Harmony [article] Corporate Governance Progression Matrix for Family or Founder-Owned Unlisted Companies (International Finance Corporation) [publication] Innovation, Purpose, and Governance at Molson Coors, a Family-Founded Public Co. [blog post] Sample Interview Questions for Director Candidates [publication] Annual Letter From the Board to the Family Council [publication] The Family Business Board Role in Executive Compensation Planning: An Illustrative Case [publication] Director FAQ: Director Independence on Family Business Boards [publication] The Family Business Board, Volume 1 [publication] The Family Business Board, Volume 2 [publication]

IPO and Pre-IPO Stage Company Governance

Five Simple Rules for Post-IPO Pay [blog post] Understanding SPACS [publication] Expert Series: SPAC Market Update—What Directors Should Know, hosted by the NACD Atlanta Chapter [video] Unpacking SPACs: Considerations for Board Members [blog post] Under Construction: Why and How to Build a Pre-IPO Board [blog post] Governance in the New World of SPACs, hosted by the NACD New England Chapter [video] Facts About SPACs: Joining a SPAC Board, Reputational Risk, and More, hosted by the NACD Northern California Chapter [video] 7 Reasons to be IPO Ready: Becoming a Better Private Company Director Through an "IPO-Ready" Focus [article] Signature Series: The Stampede Toward SPACS—the Good, Bad, and Surprising, hosted by the NACD North Texas Chapter [video] SPACs: A Popular Alternative to IPOs—A Primer for Directors, hosted by the NACD Pacific Southwest Chapter [video] Record-Breaking SPAC IPOs [article] How Directors Shape Successful Start-ups [magazine article] IPO and Public Company Readiness: Focus on Executive Compensation (Gibson Dunn Webcast) [article] Private-Company Exchanges and Employee Stock Sales Prior to IPO (Stanford Graduate School of Business) Why Governance Matters for Your Startup (Stanford University's Rock Center for Corporate Governance) [publication] Getting a Start-up CFO Up to Speed [magazine article] The Evolution of Corporate Governance: 2018 Study of Inception to IPO (Stanford Graduate School of Business) [publication] Governance Trends in Sponsor-Backed IPO Companies (Weil) [publication] Private Company Governance Learning Series: The Start-Up Board [video]

Private Equity Owned Company Governance

PE Firms Turn to Outside Recruiting [magazine article] The PE-Backed Portfolio Company Board (Spencer Stuart) [publication] Building a Foundation for Growth: Governance in Investor-Owned Private Companies [publication] Private Company Governance Learning Series: Enlightened Boards of Private Equity Portfolio Companies [video]

Employee-Owned Company Governance

ESOP Fiduciary Rules (Employee Ownership Foundation) [article] Corporate Governance for Private ESOP Companies (Employee Benefits Law Group) [article]

NACD Private Company Directorship Newsletter

Subscribe to the Newsletter Here Family Business Boards: Manage Cost to Maximize Value [article] What Every Private Company CEO Needs to Know About M&A Transactions [article] A Functional Test: How to Detect Board Dysfunction [article] An Interim CEO Could Be a Board’s Blessing [article] Why and When Private Company Founders Should Form an Independent Board [article] Board Members and Financially Distressed Companies [article] Accelerating E-Commerce for Hypergrowth [article] This Is the Moment for a Cultural Reset [article] Leading a Private Company to Success [article] War for Talent: Flexibility Creates Strength [article] The Double-Edged Sword of Long Tenure [article] Specialists, Generalists, and Private Company Board Composition [article] Exercise Care in Conflicts [article] How to Be an Exceptional Director (When You’re Already a Good One) [article] Managing Committee Scope Creep [article] Directors’ Duty: How to Increase Compensation Transparency? [article]