M&A Oversight Resource Center

M&A Oversight Resource Center

Anticipate M&A trends and access practical guidance on strengthening the board's role in mergers and acquisitions, including the due diligence, deal-making, and execution processes. 

Anticipate Future M&A Trends

2022 Governance Outlook: Projections on Emerging Board Matters (NACD and Partners) NACD BoardTalk | Dealmaking in Uncertain Times: Strategies for Success (Paul Weiss) The Future of M&A: 2022 M&A Trends Survey (Deloitte) M&A Trends 2022 (KPMG) M&A, Stockholder Cases to Watch in Delaware Courts in 2022 (Morris James)

Oversee the M&A Process from Strategy to Integration

Four Ways to Use M&A as a Catalyst for Transformation How M&A Experts are Tackling Preparing for a Recession, Human Capital, and More Navigating Economic Volatility Resource Center How Overseeing Talent Can Protect Your M&A Deal Director Essentials: Oversight of M&A Standards of Review Applicable to M&A Decisions in Delaware (Gibson Dunn) NACD Board Talk: Navigating Capital Allocation - Best Practices for Boards (T. Rowe Price) New Antitrust Guidelines for Evaluating Vertical Mergers (FTC-DOJ) The Role of Purpose, Culture, and the Board in M&A (NACD Panel(

Oversee HR issues in M&A

NACD BoardTalk: Landing the Deal: The Human Factor NACD BoardTalk: Getting the People Side Right NACD BoardTalk: Using Executive Compensation as a Tool for M&A Success

Mitigate Cybersecurity Risk in M&A

2022 M&A Checklist (CIAB) Cybersecurity Considerations During M&A Phases NACD Cyber Risk Resource Center

Prepare for Special Situations in M&A

Twitter Is Fighting for All of Us NACD BoardTalk: How to Prepare for a Breakup Attempt (FTI) Director FAQ: Antitakeover Defenses Director FAQ: Governance of Distressed Companies Director FAQ: Special Purpose Acquisition Companies Bankruptcies, Liquidations, and Quasi-reorganizations (EY)

Relevant NACD Educational Programs

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