Bridge Over Troubled Waters: How Boards Can Manage the Risks of the Global Water Crisis

In brief: Climate change continues to be an area of focus for investors and stakeholders alike, and boards must consider what risks climate change poses to their companies. Water risks in particular are already impacting the corporate bottom line and the integrity of supply chains. This brief, written by Ceres and originally appearing in the 2020 Governance Outlook: Projections of Emerging Board Matters, delves into where boards should be working with their management teams to consider water risks within the sphere of environmental, social, and governance issues.

This resource can help your board to

  • consider the material impact that water risks pose to the organization,
  • work with management teams to address exposure to water risks, and
  • integrate water risk into the overall oversight of corporate strategy. 

Most relevant audiences: Risk committee chairs, risk committee members, audit committee chairs, and audit committee members