The Family Business Board, Volume 2

In brief:  Every family business board eventually reaches a turning point—an opportune time to achieve the next level of excellence. The Family Business Board, Volume 2: Governance for Agility and Growth, provides directions to such an achievement. Building on the series’ previous volume (The Family Business Board, Volume 1: Purpose and Structure), this handbook outlines a step-by-step approach to building the right board.

How boards can use this resource: 

  • Use the report’s 19 steps to chart a path toward an optimal board composition and culture.
  • Learn how to overcome the most common objections to adding outside board members.
  • Learn from real examples of family business boards that helped their companies evolve while maintaining the best elements of family culture. 
  • Use the sample checklists, diagrams, and forms in the book to chart your path.

Most relevant audiences: Family business leaders, board members, and family members who work for or own shares in the company.