Nominating & Governance Committee Blueprint

In brief: Continuing the work of the Future of the American Board Commission, Korn Ferry and NACD, in collaboration with a diverse Working Group of leading nominating and governance committee chairs, developed the following blueprint report to help nominating and governance committees navigate the various forces they will confront in the future. The Blueprint identifies five focus areas for nominating and governance committees with key insights and best practices that committee chairs and members can use to improve board culture, director recruitment and renomination, director and board education, and stakeholder and shareholder engagement. As the Working Group identified, "board performance, composition, and culture can be either a corporate asset or a liability, depending on how effectively the board fulfills its responsibilities and supports the company’s long-term success" and this Blueprint provides the actionable guidance nominating and governance committees need to make this statement a reality.

 This Blueprint can help boards to

  • establish an effective culture on the board to improve overall board performance,
  • align board succession planning with the long-term goals and needs of the company, and 
  • coordinate oversight of a growing number of cross-board matters where nominating and governance committees can effectively lead.

Most relevant audiences: directors of public and private organizations, nominating and governance committee chairs, nominating and governance committee members, committee chairs, lead directors, board chairs, CEOs