Director Essentials: Strengthening Oversight of M&A 2021 Edition

In brief: With mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity remaining at historic levels, M&A continues to be a valid option for corporate growth—but is it always advisable? This new edition of Director Essentials: Strengthening Oversight of M&A gives directors the tools they need to weigh and manage the risks and rewards of M&A, to make the right decisions regarding specific transactions, and to strengthen their oversight of implementation. This updated report includes a summary of M&A trends and guides boards in fulfilling their role throughout the M&A process—from strategy to post-merger integration.  

How can directors use this resource?  

  • Enhance the quality of decisions regarding  acquisitions, sale of a company, or a spin-off or other divestiture.
  • Improve oversight of the M&A process from strategy to integration.
  • Understand the director’s role in M&A. 
  • Review questions to ask at critical stages of the M&A life cycle. 

Most relevant audiences: CEOs, board chairs, board members (especially those serving on special committees for M&A), and members of senior management