NACD Risk Oversight Committee Chair Advisory Council Brief: Impact and Speed of the Pandemic Create New Risk Profiles

In brief: Reflecting on the year that has passed since the COVID-19 pandemic encircled the globe, NACD, along with PwC and Sidley Austin, convened some 30 chairs of risk and audit committees from Fortune 500 companies to assess how business has changed and the impact that the pandemic has had on risk profiles. In addition to discussions over workplace challenges and political and social polarization, participants focused on the growing uncertainty about how the economy would respond to the aftershocks of the pandemic and the increasing pressure on companies to take political positions.

This resource can provide your board with valuable insights:

  • How the pandemic has changed workplace expectations and challenges
  • Why political action by executives is increasingly expected, and why it is important that corporations get this right
  • What economic headwinds directors are experiencing as the economy returns to a pre-pandemic state

Most relevant audiences: risk committee members, the full board