Assessing Management’s Effectiveness in Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis: A Quick Checklist for Boards

In brief: The quickly spreading COVID-19 virus has disrupted social and economic life across the globe, impacting business strategy and operations. Recognizing that this crisis is rapidly evolving, we have updated our early checklist for boards to assess management readiness to identify and mitigate the implications of COVID-19 and ensure business continuity. Boards can use this checklist to start the dialogue with management to help solidify the crisis response. 

How directors can use this resource:

  • Understand the current business impact, including supply chain disruption and financial exposure
  • Determine the right roles and responsibilities of the board versus management during the crisis
  • Assess the effectiveness of internal and external communication strategies

Most relevant audiences: audit and risk committee chairs, board leaders as well as management-level crisis teams