Mergers and Acquisitions: What Should Boards Expect in 2019

In brief: Consolidations have been heating up across various industries in recent years. As a growing number of companies merge or make acquisitions, directors should aim to leverage available insights to improve their oversight of the changing business environment. This brief, written by Deloitte and originally appearing in the 2019 Governance Outlook: Projections on Emerging Board Matters, offers the following recommendations for directors looking to enhance their governance of M&A transactions:

  • Increase deal review rigor
  • Develop multiple deal scenarios
  • Improve technology proficiency
  • Apply cross-border deal experience

This resource can help your board to

  • implement specific strategies to effectively prepare for potential deal-making activity,
  • encourage scenario-planning exercises to mitigate uncertainty,
  • identify potential red flags during the diligence process,
  • increase the rigor of pre- and post-transaction deal review, and
  • review questions to ask at critical stages of the M&A life cycle.

Most relevant audiences: CEOs, board chairs, board members (especially those serving on special M&A committees), members of senior management