Corporate Director's Ethics and Compliance Handbook

The overwhelming majority of companies-large and small, public and private-maintain a corporate culture of integrity and candor. Yet, there is a perception by the public that companies value the bottom line more than the truth.

What will it take to restore trust in corporate America? The Director's Handbook Series publication, Corporate Director's Ethics and Compliance Handbook, offers directors an overview and a roadmap to help plan, carry out, promote, and communicate an ethics and compliance program.

While directors leave the hands-on role of enactment to management, their oversight position provides a unique opportunity to ask the tough questions, ensure a deep commitment to the letter and spirit of the law throughout the organization, and to convey by word and deed the board's personal and profound dedication to ethical behavior.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              This handbook includes the following:

  • History and overview of corporate governance
  • The role of the board in developing a code of ethics and ethical practices for all board members
  • The responsibilities board members have in complying with the various legal regulations for boards of directors
  • In depth answers to the most frequently asked questions on compliance
  • The potential legal liability faced by board members due to the nature of their company's business activities, products, and/or services
  • An appendix composed of examples of the best practices of corporate governance, as well as the formal rules for board disclosures and responsibilities