NACD Blue Ribbon Commission Report on Building the Strategic-Asset Board: Executive Summary

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The world in which boards operate has transformed in fundamental ways, including a more complex, volatile, and unpredictable business environment; the proliferation of information; new opportunities and risks coming from technology, megatrends like demographic and environmental change, and unexpected sources of competition; new regulatory requirements; and greater levels of scrutiny from investors and other key stakeholders.  The Report of the NACD Blue Ribbon Commission on Building the Strategic-Asset Board lays out a roadmap that directors of any organization can use to develop a continuous improvement plan to keep their board’s skill sets and processes in tune with the organization’s current and future needs.  It includes recommendations, action steps, and 12 appendices with detailed guidance and tools in areas such as board succession planning, new-director onboarding and continuing board education, board evaluations, and more.  

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