NACD Directorship 2020: Demographic and Technological Disruptors

The U.S. and global marketplaces have been and will continue to be transformed by successive waves of new technologies that spread rapidly and become embedded in society. Similarly, understanding demographic disruptors, particularly the nuances of America’s five living generations, is key to developing relevant marketing strategies and relating to employees whose core values are unique to their generation.

More than 100 directors gathered at the Montage Beverly Hills hotel in California on September 10 to hear two speakers provide their insight on the inherent challenges and opportunities of demographic and technological disruptions. The half-day symposium was the third and final NACD Directorship 2020® in-person event this year. Each of the forums has focused on at least one of the seven disruptive forces identified by NACD: competition, demographics, economics, environment, geopolitics, innovation, and technology. These are the major trends expected to drive significant change for companies and industries in the near future—and their implications for the boardroom.