Director Professionalism<sup>®</sup>

Director Professionalism®

Director Professionalism®

NACD's renowned Director Professionalism program serves as the prerequisite foundation course for the NACD Directorship Certification™, providing directors with real-world and real-time insights into the boardroom fundamentals necessary to successfully navigate today's dynamic business environment. Directors preparing for a new public-company board role or looking to position themselves for future board seats will benefit from the panel discussions, case studies, and keynote presentations with experienced directors offered by this course.

Becoming NACD Directorship Certified™ 

NACD Directorship Certification, which is open only to NACD members, is, first and foremost, a framework for continuous learning. It equips new directors with the baseline knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to contribute to the boardroom's dialogue on day one. Attending Director Professionalism provides directors with the information and skills required to become a certified director. After attending the course, you can schedule and prepare for the exam. Upon passing the exam, you will become NACD Directorship Certified.

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