NACD Continuous Learning Cohorts

NACD Continuous Learning Cohorts

NACD Continuous Learning Cohorts

For 2022, NACD has created four distinct Continuous Learning Cohorts. Each dynamic program focuses on a top priority for boards, as identified by our members. These interactive, virtual programs allow you to deepen your understanding of these pressing issues, connect with your peers, and actively pressure test your understanding of the topic.


The full deep dive cohort content is available only to NACD members, but the two-day foundational program is available for purchase by both members and nonmembers as a stand-alone course.

Cohort Programs


See below for details on each cohort.


Program Details

The continuous learning cohort is a six-part learning path that includes an interactive, virtual, two-day foundational program; virtual briefings from expert directors; a case study application; and a self-paced summary course.

Cohort Program Details

Registrations Closed

This learning pathway, comprising both live and self-paced components, builds directors’ confidence in their ability to engage in strategic, board-level financial conversations.

Accepting Registrations

This cohort will help boards master the scientific, social, and commercial aspects of global temperatures, weather systems, and related trends, and focus on implementing effective principles for board involvement.

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