American Board Practices and Oversight Report


Crisis Management

In brief: The American Board Practices and Oversight Report examines how directors, and the boards they serve, helmed a course through the multiple challenges that organizations faced in 2020.

Stemming from a recent NACD survey on COVID-19 board practices and trends, this report examines how boards navigated both the COVID-19 pandemic and the nation’s broad recognition of the need for corporate America to take action against systemic racism. In the report, you will find information about how boards reacted and where boards and corporate governance will go from here.

With this report, directors will gain valuable information that helps them to assess their board’s performance:

  • Benchmark your board’s performance during the COVID-19 crisis against that of your board’s peers.

  • Discover how boards approach and think about virtual meetings.

  • Find out which steps boards have already taken in addressing systemic racism in their organization.

  • Understand where current trends, such as digital transformation and ESG, are headed and how COVID-19 may impact them.

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