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Overcoming Challenges: Lessons from the 2023 NACD DE&I Awards

By Lana Dargan and Mallory Bucher


Center for Inclusive Governance DE&I Awards

Maturing DE&I and Oversight
Boards and organizations continue to face complex questions as they mature diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) programs. Issues include challenging socioeconomic undercurrents and political divisions, all against a competitive human capital landscape.

The nomination process for the NACD annual DE&I awards reveals a range of initiatives that
organizations are implementing to mature their programs. "Overcoming Challenges: Lessons from the 2023 NACD DE&I Awards" outlines emerging practices and sets out a series of questions for boards to mature their DE&I oversight.

About the NACD DE&I Awards™
In 2018, NACD launched an annual awards program to highlight innovative DE&I strategies
implemented by organizations. The awards recognize trailblazing organizations that have made notable strides in increasing their diversity, building inclusive environments, and embedding DE&I within the boardroom, organization, and overall strategy. The award nomination process provides insights on how organizations are making meaningful headway on DE&I efforts.

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