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Employee Engagement as an Indicator of Organizational Health

By NACD Staff


DE&I Boardroom Tool Center for Inclusive Governance

In brief: Research has shown that diverse and inclusive work environments are more likely to produce engaged employees, leading to higher productivity and business performance. Given the impact of engagement on broader business profitability, corporate leaders increasingly recognize engagement as an important strategic imperative. As firms evaluate the various aspects of operational risks, directors should consider workforce engagement as a critical indicator of organizational health. This tool uses CACI as a case study to highlight how the company leveraged its engagement surveys to reinforce and reshape its company culture.

This resource can help your board to

  • discuss the impact of employee engagement on company performance,

  • review the key design principles and expectations from the CACI case study, and

  • consider strategies to effectively assess and enhance employee engagement.

Most relevant audiences: public company directors, board chairs, lead directors, chief executive officers, chief human resource officers

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