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Board Inclusion Framework

By NACD Staff


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Center for Inclusive Governance

In brief: A review of the 100 largest US-based company board committee charters found that while 65 percent of charters mentioned diversity and inclusion, the references most often only pertained to demographic composition (diversity). Inclusion is an issue of importance permeating all aspects of an organization. Boards have a meaningful role in building an inclusive enterprise, and they can govern in ways that put C-suites and organizations on a positive path. This framework, created by Deloitte, is designed to help boards explore their role in governing inclusion and initiate conversations on inclusion at the board level. 

This resource can help your board to:

  • set the foundation for understanding board-level inclusion and inclusion governance

  • understand how boards can promote and embed an inclusive culture at the organizations they oversee

  • assess the board’s current level of inclusion governance 

  • improve inclusion governance practices

 Most relevant audiences: board chairs, lead directors, nominating and governance committee members, full board, chief human resource officers

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