ESOPs Offer Elevated Employee Engagement

By Roberta Sydney


Directorship Magazine

Over the past few years, talent concerns have ruled the day across companies and in boardrooms. The Great Resignation began in 2021. Last year saw the rise of the term “quiet quitting.” Despite record inflation and the Federal Reserve’s attempts to fight it, the unemployment rate in the United States sat at 3.6 percent as of February, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics…

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 Roberta Sydney Roberta Sydney, NACD.DC, is a former CEO, a former Fortune 500 executive, and a seasoned director. She serves as chair of Buttcon Holdings, a private employee-owned Canadian construction company, and on the board of Apollo Realty Income Solutions, a public real estate investment trust. She held senior positions at financial services companies including State Street Global Advisors and The Boston Co. before founding, growing, and successfully exiting her own real estate development company.


This article is from the Spring 2023 issue of Directorship.