Oversight of Emerging Technologies and Digital Transformation

Oversight of Emerging Technologies and Digital Transformation

Technological advances can dramatically disrupt businesses, transforming everything from customer expectations and business operations, to the design and delivery of products and services. By some measures, companies are facing an unprecedented level of disruption; as new entrants and incumbents vie against one another to create new business models and boost revenues by leveraging emerging technologies. Directors and senior executives who are looking to thrive in this hyper-competitive environment will need to adapt their management and governance practices to effectively help their companies exploit opportunities and minimize risks.

This Resource Center is meant to provide corporate leaders with strategic and tactical guidance as they embark on their digital transformation journeys. Please see the Cyber-Risk Resource Center for cybersecurity oversight.

Board Oversight of Technology as Driver of Growth and Risk

Governing Digital Transformation and Emerging Technologies CES Experience 2019: New Trends and Their Implications for Board Oversight Overseeing the Intersection of Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity Four Exercises for Contemplating Digital Readiness Director FAQ: Board Oversight of Emerging Technologies How Cyber-Risk is Transforming the Data Governance Game Challenges in Changing Technology and Cyber Risk The Innovation Era’s Implications For Boards Future Tech: Unprecedented Opportunities, Unrivaled Threats


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Determine the Appropriate Board Structure and Skill Sets

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Enhance Management Reporting

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Assess Organizational, Talent, and Leadership Readiness

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Learn About Specific Emerging Technologies

A Board Primer on Artificial Intelligence (Accenture) Fast Facts: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Fast Facts: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Fast Facts: Internet of Things (IoT) Technology Brief: A Board Primer on Blockchain Zooming in On the Personalization Minefield AI: Do You Have A Map for Your Journey? Level-Setting Expectations for AI and Automation What Your Board Needs to Know about Marketing and AI Making AI Scalable and Less Fearsome How to Use A.I. in the M&A Process to Gain Competitive Advantages (Grant Thornton) How Blockchain Could Upset, Facilitate Business Blockchain and the Age of Digital Currency NACD Advisory Council Talks Blockchain in the Boardroom Blockchain: What Boards Need to Know CES Experience 2019: How the Ground Is Shifting