Digital Transformation Oversight

Digital Transformation Oversight

Technological advances can dramatically disrupt businesses, transforming everything from customer expectations and business operations to the design and delivery of products and services. Companies now face an unprecedented level of disruption, as new entrants and incumbents vie against one another to create new business models and boost revenues by leveraging emerging technologies. Directors and senior executives looking to thrive in this hyper-competitive environment will need to adapt their management and governance practices to help their companies exploit opportunities and minimize risks.

This Resource Center provides corporate leaders with strategic and tactical guidance as they embark on their digital transformation journeys. Please see the Cyber-Risk Resource Center for cybersecurity oversight.

Board Oversight of Technology as a Driver of Growth and Risk

Advancing the Board’s Role in Digital Transformation Digital Transformation: How to Unlock Innovation and Growth with Emerging Technologies—A GNDI Quick Guide Six Suggestions for Ensuring Technology Fluency in the Boardroom Governance Challenges 2021–2022: Digital Transformation Oversight Addressing the Digital Investment Question in the Boardroom To Accelerate Digital Transformation, Follow these Tactics Lessons from the Pandemic: Crisis Catalyzes Innovation Setting the Board’s Sights on Digital Transformation and Innovation Penalties Escalate From Cybersecurity Enforcement Consider Data Use Before an Incident Occurs A Blueprint for a Tech-Empowered Experienced Workforce Governing Digital Transformation and Emerging Technologies Director FAQ: Board Oversight of Emerging Technologies


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Determine the Appropriate Board Structure and Skill Sets

The Boardrooms Leading America’s Digital Transformation The Audit Committee’s Transformation Checklist A Special Board Committee Can Help Drive Corporate and Transformational Success The Questions Directors Should Ask to Adeptly Oversee Innovation Governing Artificial Intelligence: Managing business risks in a digital world (MMC) Addressing the Challenges of Expanding Board and Committee Agendas

Enhance Management Reporting

Technology and the Boardroom: A CIO’s Guide to Engaging the Board (Deloitte) Emerging Technologies, Risk, and the Auditor’s Focus

Assess Organizational Talent and Leadership Readiness

New Collars, Hivemind Investors, and Other Stakeholders Have Changed the Business Landscape Key Practices to Foster a Culture of Belonging in a Hybrid World How Does Your Company Measure Up Against Digital Leaders? Are Your Leaders Ready for Change? Board Oversight of Workforce Analytics A Three-Level Approach to Better Board Oversight of Talent and Culture

Learn About Specific Emerging Technologies

Promote Trust in AI to Enhance Long-Term Value Why the Board Should Care About Quantum Computing—and What It Can Do Now Amid Pandemic and Social Unrest, AI Risk Mitigation Is More Important Than Ever Boards Need to Adapt Their Thinking as Blockchain Technology Will Affect the Audit Closing the AI and Machine Learning Gap Fast Facts: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Fast Facts: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Fast Facts: Internet of Things (IoT)

Podcasts & Webinars

The Board’s Role in Technology Oversight Innovation, Technology, and ESG: Effective Board Oversight Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation: The Audit Committee Perspective AI, Bias, and Unintended Consequences (NACD Future Fluency) The Human Machine Partnership (NACD Future Fluency) Challenges in Changing Technology and Cyber Risk