Nominating & Governance Committee Resource Center

Nominating & Governance Committee Resource Center

In this resource center, we aim to help boards proactively meet their evolving responsibilities and institute governance practices that strengthen the board as a whole. For more on prioritizing diversity in the boardroom, see NACD's Resource Center on Diversity.

Board Evaluations

NACD Evaluation Services Assessing the Board’s Cybersecurity Culture Director FAQ: Considerations for Enhancing the Board Evaluation Process Nominating and Governance Committee Evaluation Template Compensation Committee Evaluation Template Audit Committee Evaluation Template Board and Committee Evaluation Templates Board Self-Assessment Questionnaire Sample Template for Self-Evaluation, Peer Evaluation of a Lead Independent Director Blue Ribbon Commission Report: Board Evaluation

Role of the Nominating and Governance Committee

2021 Governance Outlook: Projections on Emerging Board Matters Blue Ribbon Commission Report, Fit for the Future: An Urgent Imperative for Board Leadership Director FAQ: Executive Sessions Blue Ribbon Commission Report: Director Professionalism

Board Oversight Structure and Practices

Director FAQ: Special Committees Tech and HR Oversight Should Prompt Boards to Rethink Committee Frameworks It’s Time to Onboard the Director Offboarding Process Considerations for Effective Offboarding Nominating and Governance Committee Charter Tool Sample Board and Committee Calendars (Sidley Austin) Data on Board Composition, Organization, Process, and More in the S&P 500 (Spencer Stuart) Corporate Governance Guidelines Tool Addressing the Challenges of Expanding Board and Committee Agendas Director FAQ: Standards for Director Independence Director FAQ: Split Versus Combined CEO/Chair Director FAQ: Subsidiary Governance

Effective Disclosure Practices

SEC Approves New Nasdaq Rule on Board Diversity Disclosures Multiyear Board Succession Planning Matrix Pfizer’s Proxy Statement: Interactive “Meet our Director Nominees” Section Prudential Financial Proxy Statement: Board Evaluation Process Disclosure Coca Cola’s Proxy Statement: Governance Matters General Motors’ Governance and Corporate Responsibility Committee Charter Best Practices in Board Matrices and Diversity Disclosures (NYC Comptroller’s Office) NASDAQ Requirements for Independent Oversight of Director Nominations (IM-5605-7) NYSE Requirements for Governance Committees (Section 303A.04)


Director Professionalism® Directorship Essentials: Compliance and Ethics Master Class NACD Summit

Director Onboarding

What Makes a Good Board Director from the CEO Perspective NACD Directorship Certification® The Four Pillars of Board Effectiveness Getting Behind the Numbers Strategies for Effective Board Meeting Preparation Director FAQ: Executive Sessions Navigating the First Year: An Onboarding Guide for New Directors Director FAQ: The Role of the Board vs. the Role of Management Blue Ribbon Commission Report: Building the Strategic-Asset Board A Practical Guide: Fundamentals for Corporate Directors Board Dynamics

Board Succession Planning and Recruitment

Adding a Director to your Board? Beware of These Six Common Myths Activate the Director Renomination Process to Increase Impact and Diversity Identifying and Filling New and Emerging Skills Gaps Look Beyond the Matrix for Qualities that Define Your Next Director NACD Blue Ribbon Commission Report: 2020 Update of the Diverse Board Moving From Interest to Action CMOs Bring Skills to the Boardroom How to Accelerate the Diversity of Your Board The Gradual Evolution of Board Composition Overcoming Bias in Board Recruitment Multiyear Board Succession Planning Matrix How to Identify Game-Changing Director Skills Candidate Qualifications Discussion Tool Customizable Director Role Description