NACD Washington Review Q3 2018

In brief: Long-standing business assumptions about the impact of the political and regulatory environment continue to be challenged. National policy agendas in trade, immigration, and data privacy are rapidly diverging globally, creating new, unforeseen risks for firms. Meanwhile, in the United States, the fallout from increased political polarization and a more protectionist foreign policy has significant consequences for companies’ strategies and operations. NACD’s quarterly Washington Review offers a board-centric synopsis of these shifting political realities and their effect on board governance.

How boards can use this resource:

  • Understand major political changes that may require an adjustment—or even an overhaul—in strategy.
  • Understand how shifting regulatory attitudes and standards will affect board governance.
  • Anticipate areas of growing legislative focus and regulatory scrutiny.

Most relevant audiences: audit committee chairs, audit committee members, risk committee chairs, risk committee members, CEOs, general counsel