NACD and KPMG Partner on Audit Committee Blueprint Highlighting 10 Essential Areas of Focus as Part of the Future Of The American Board Initiative


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NACD and KPMG Partner on Audit Committee Blueprint Highlighting 10 Essential Areas of Focus as Part of the Future Of The American Board Initiative

  • KPMG Worked with a Group of Board and Business Leaders to Identify 10 Critical Areas for Audit Committee Focus Going Forward

  • Audit Committees Face Expanded Responsibilities for Risk and ESG Oversight

  • Regulation of Climate/ESG Disclosures by the SEC and Foreign Regulators are Game-Changers for the Audit Committee

  • Talent in the Finance Organization will be Vital to Keeping Pace with the Corporate Reporting Landscape

  • Oversight of Financial Reporting, Disclosures, and Auditors Remain Core Role of a Board's Audit Committee

WASHINGTON, DC (May 2, 2023) – The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), the authority on boardroom practices representing more than 23,000 directors, in partnership with KPMG and its Board Leadership Center, today published their Audit Committee Blueprint as part of the NACD Future of the American Board initiative.

Highlighting 10 essential areas of focus, the report gives updated guidance to help audit committees at public and private companies navigate increasingly complex developments in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues, cybersecurity and data privacy, geopolitics, and more.

The Future of the American Board Commission's Audit Committee Working Group, a joint panel of experts composed of board leaders, notable governance practitioners, NACD-affiliated directors and senior leaders from KPMG, authored the blueprint. The Audit Committee Working Group is the second of four Future of the American Board working groups to publish guides this year in key areas: compensation, audit, nominating and governance, and risk.

While the core responsibilities of audit committees—oversight of financial reporting, related controls, disclosures, and oversight of auditors—fundamentally have not changed, the Audit Committee Working Group underscored a number of factors that have raised the stakes and increased the workload of audit committees.

The report provides guidance, observations, and forward-looking considerations and actions in 10 critical areas: financial reporting, risk oversight, ESG risk and disclosures, talent in the finance organization, audit quality, internal audit's value, transparency, compliance and culture, critical alignments, and audit committee's focus and effectiveness.

"The 10 areas of focus that we identified are not fundamentally new. But our discussions put them into a new light and fresh context—some, including ‘critical alignments,' with a note of urgency," said director Mary A. Winston. "Taken together, they can provide an audit committee with a good overarching view—a framework—for reassessing and fine-tuning its oversight practices, skill sets, and leadership."

"With audit committees and boards at another inflection point, the insights and suggested actions highlighted can help every audit committee reassess its effectiveness at this pivotal moment for audit committees, boards, and corporate America, and position itself for the future," said John H. Rodi, leader of the KPMG Board Leadership Center and member of the Audit Committee Working Group.

"There is no doubt that expanded risk oversight and ESG oversight responsibilities — coupled with changing regulation of disclosures — are front of mind for all directors who serve on audit committees," said Peter Gleason, president and CEO of NACD. "This blueprint and its 10 essential areas of focus will be of utmost value to boards in this era of increased attention on audit committees. We are grateful to the diverse and talented directors and the experts at KPMG who contributed their time and experience to this work as part of our ambitious Future of the American Board initiative."

A digital version of The Future of the American Board Audit Committee Blueprint is available at

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