Board Dynamics and Operations

Board Dynamics and Operations

Since the passage of Sarbanes–Oxley and Dodd–Frank, director responsibilities related to regulatory and compliance oversight have grown. This resource center contains guidance and tools for boards to operate accordingly. 

Board Meetings and Culture

Preparing for the board's future Setting the board agenda Strategies for effective board meeting preparation A director’s guide to board minutes The board’s role in risk-culture oversight Top behaviors for board effectiveness: a global board culture survey Building a strong board culture Overseeing corporate culture Addressing the challenges of expanding board and committee agendas NACD board dynamics handbook Board composition and collegiality

Boardroom Tools & Templates

Customizable director role description Sample board and committee calendars Sample board agenda with strategy components Sample board agendas Sample governance and policy documents


Director Professionalism® Fit for the Future Global Board Leaders’ Summit Master Class

Board Responsibilities

Director onboarding in the first year The role of the board and director fiduciary duties Director responsibilities and characteristics Defining the role of the board

Board Processes and Structures

Board leadership structures Eight leading practices of effective boards Changing committee structures An approach to director decision making Personal email vs. board portals for board communications Determining governance structures for subsidiaries Implementing effective executive sessions

Setting the Board Budget

Benchmarking director compensation Determining board budgets and resources Paying your lead director Future of director compensation

Board-Management Dynamics

The board’s relationship with the C-suite Role of the board vs. the role of management Effective board/management communication Managing asymmetric board information risk Understanding C-suite roles