Compliance & Ethics Oversight Resource Center

Compliance & Ethics Oversight Resource Center

The growing volume of regulations targeting business misconduct has heightened expectations for corporate boards. This resource center contains guidance and tools to help boards oversee corporate compliance efforts and drive an ethical culture that permeates every level of the corporation.

The Board’s Role in Compliance and Ethics Oversight

Federal Forum-Selection Provisions: A Key Tool to Defend Against Offering-Related Securities Lawsuits Board Oversight of Securities Class Action Defense: A Winning Path Advice from Former US Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates Navigating Political and Anti-Corruption Risks Engaging the Board on Compliance and Ethics Effective Oversight of Corporate Culture Practical Guidance for Directors Overseeing Corporate Investigations Compliance and Ethics Oversight Questionnaire Director Essentials: Strengthening Compliance and Ethics Oversight

The Committee’s Role in Compliance and Ethics Oversight

CitiGroup’s Ethics, Conduct, and Culture Committee Charter Varian Medical Systems’ Ethics and Compliance Committee Charter Director FAQ: Oversight of the Independent Auditor

Latest Trends in Compliance and Ethics                                      

Responsible Privacy: Is the Board Doing Its Part? Oversee Cyber Risks in a Complex Regulatory Landscape What You Need to Know About Cyber Insurance and Regulatory Change Director FAQ: Risk Oversight—Sexual Misconduct Culture and ESG Governance: Inseparable in the #MeToo Era Board Strategies for Responding to #MeToo Blue Ribbon Commission Report on Culture as a Corporate Asset Director FAQ: The Board’s Role in Data Privacy Oversight

Recent Litigation and Regulatory Standards

Directors Challenged to Respond to New DOJ Corporate Fraud Initiative New SEC Release Revives Complex Issue of Clawbacks What Directors Should Know About Wage-Fixing and No-Poach Agreements SEC’s New Reg S-K Is Good News for Investors and Directors Alike Board Oversight in 2020: “Mission Critical” Risks Become Mission Critical for Directors SEC Issues Rule on Proxy Advisors; Companies to Finally Get Their Say The California Consumer Privacy Act: What Directors Need to Know Why Boards Should Care About Facebook’s FTC Settlement Lessons for Boards from 2019 Caremark Ruling in Delaware Compliance Oversight: New DOJ and OFAC Expectations Liability and Litigation Hotspots and How to Take the Wheel First SEC ‘Red Flags’ Enforcement Case Spotlights Board’s Role Director FAQ: What Boards Should Know About the GDPR Director FAQ: The Role of the US Securities and Exchange Commission Updated Guidance Document on the US Department of Justice’s Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs Library of Final Rules Released by the SEC Federal Reserve Board Library of Supervision and Regulation Letters Federal Reserve Board Documentation of Recent Regulatory Amendments Quick Facts on Securities and Investment Fraud Offenses Federal Sentencing Guidelines on an Effective Compliance and Ethics Program

Update and Maintain Your Company Policies and Values

Does Your Company Really Have a 'Speak-Up' Culture? Leverage Privacy as a Human Right to Your Company’s Advantage How to Sustain an Ethical Corporate Culture Re-Tool Your SOX Hotline to Combat Sexual Harassment Director FAQ: Avoiding Conflicts of Interest GE’s Code of Conduct Johnson & Johnson’s Values Statement Parsons Corp.’s Board of Directors Code of Conduct Starbucks Corp.'s Standards of Business Conduct


Directorship Essentials: Compliance and Ethics Master Class NACD Summit Virtual Director Professionalism®

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