Role of the General Counsel/Corporate Secretary

Role of the General Counsel/Corporate Secretary

This resource center contains guidance and tools for general counsel who are called upon to advise and support the board, and provide an objective opinion about the company’s strategy.

Optimizing the General Counsel’s Effectiveness with the Board

Reviewing the Corporate Counsel’s Playbook The Evolving Role of the GC The Strategic-Asset General Counsel Navigating the Relationship Between the Board and General Counsel

The Board Agenda: Issues Facing Boards

Questions for the Boards to Ask Management about Cybersecurity Investor Perspectives: Critical Issues for Board Focus

Effective Boardroom Tools

Fit for the Future: An Urgent Imperative for the General Counsel Diversity Discussion Guide for Directors Corporate Board Minutes: A Director’s Guide Master Calendar for Board and Committee Meetings

Videos and Webinars

Rising Risks of Securities Litigation Inside Trading Compliance: Trends and Legal Developments Impacting Policies and Procedures Internal Investigations: Myths, Minefields, and More GDPR: What Can We Expect, and How Should I Guide my Board? The Strategic-Asset General Counsel: Shareholder Engagement The Strategic-Asset General Counsel: Litigation Risk Management The Strategic-Asset General Counsel: M&A The Strategic-Asset General Counsel: Effective Board Evaluation Board Advice for First-Time General Counsel


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