2019-2020 Director Compensation Report

See the preview of the 2020-2021 Director Compensation Report here.

In brief: NACD and Pearl Meyer are pleased to present the 2019–2020 Director Compensation Report, our 21st annual report on nonemployee director compensation. The study is based on data from 1,400 companies across 24 industries that filed a proxy statement or any other SEC filing that contains director compensation information for the fiscal year covering February 1, 2018, through January 31, 2019.

This year’s report also includes perspectives on

  • evolution of director pay
  • methods to enhance shareholder alignment

This resource can help your board

  • benchmark overall compensation and compensation elements across company size,
  • evaluate the mix of appropriate pay components, and
  • understand principles and leading practices for director pay.

A related publication, the Director Compensation: Summary Statistics, is available from Pearl Meyer and provides additional data on director compensation by industry and company size. For further information or compensation consultation, please contact Jannice Koors, managing director at Pearl Meyer, by emailing nacddirectorpay@pearlmeyer.com.

Most relevant audiences: Nominating and governance committee chairs and members, compensation committee chairs and members, the full board